Accelerated Accomplished Achieved Adapted Administered Advised Analyzed Arranged Assembled Assumed responsibility

Balanced Billed Blazed Built

Carried out Channeled Collected Communicated Compiled Completed Conceived Conducted Contributed Controlled Contracted Coordinated Counseled Created Cut

Delegated Demonstrated Designed Determined Developed Directed Dispatched Distributed Documented

Earned Edited Educated Effected Eliminated Enabled Energized Enhanced Established Evaluated Expanded Expedited

Fabricated Facilitated Found Functioned as

Gained Gathered Generated Graded Graduated

Handled Helped Hired

Increased Influenced Implemented Improved Initiated Innovated Inspected Installed Instituted Instructed Interpreted Interviewed Introduced Invented Issued

Launched Lectured Led Liaisoned

Maintained Managed Mastered Mentored Met with Modernized Motivated


Operated Optimized Originated Orchestrated Ordered Organized Oversaw

Participated Performed Pinpointed Planned Prepared Presented Produced Programmed Proved Provided Published Purchased

Recommended Recorded Recruited Reduced Referred Reinforced Renewed Represented Researched Revamped Reviewed Revised Revitalized

Saved Scheduled Screened Served Set up Simplified Sold Solved Spearheaded Standardized Steered Structured Suggested Supervised Supported Surpassed

Taught Tested Trained Translated Tripled

Underwrote Updated Used

Won Wrote


Aggressive Alert Ambitious Adaptable Analytical Attentive Assertive


Capable Competent Competitive Confident Conscientious Consistent Constructive Creative

Dependable Descriptive Determined Disciplined Discreet Diplomatic

Economical Efficient Energetic Enterprising Enthusiastic Extroverted

Fair Friendly Forceful

Helpful Honest Humorous

Imaginative Independent Industrious Inventive

Logical Loyal

Mature Methodical

Objective Optimistic Opportunistic Organized Original

Patient Perceptive Personable Pleasant Positive Practical Precise Productive Prudent


Rational Realistic Reflective Reliable Resourceful Responsible

Self-confident Self-reliant Sensible Sincere Sophisticated Stable Successful Systematic Supportive

Tactful Talented Teachable Tolerant Trustworthy


Willing to learn Willing to relocate


Accurately Actively Ambitiously Analytically Artistically Assertively

Competently Competitively Confidently Conscientiously Consistently Cooperatively Courteously Creatively


Effectively Efficiently Energetically Enthusiastically

Imaginatively Independently Intellectually Intelligently



Patiently Perseveringly Pleasantly Practically Precisely Proficiently Progressively

Rationally Realistically Reliably Resourcefully Responsibly

Significantly Steadily Strongly Substantially Successfully Supportively

Technically Thoroughly